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Veteran Health Care IDs Offer Added Security

Fri, 02/28/2014 - 02:55

The Veterans Affairs Department (VA) has a new system of health care identification. New Veterans Health Identification Cards, or VHICs will be issued to veterans starting in April. The VA has updated their cards in order to ensure the safety and security of sensitive information.

According to Military Times, the current system just hasn’t been working. Anyone with a smartphone bar code scanning application could scan the ID cards and reveal a veteran’s social security number. That’s why the VA has been working to protect veterans from identity theft.

In the new cards, veterans will be provided with a magnetic strip. However, the card will function similarly to a health insurance card. In other words, a new identification number will be associated with the card. Social security numbers will no longer be associated with the cards.

New cards will be issued to veterans starting in April. The VA expects that cards should be replaced before July of this year. They also suggest that veterans should shred their old cards to ensure security of their information.

For more information on identification standards, practices and products, give Capture Technologies a call. We are dedicated to keeping your information secure.

Expanding Security with Axis Communications

Tue, 02/25/2014 - 18:51

With nine new models in their Q60 series, a new camera extension and a new indoor camera, Axis Communications is growing their portfolio. Each one of their new technologies offers a new type of security for users. From planning network security systems to providing a higher resolution, Axis Communications has a security solution for every type of environment.

The Q60 Series

According to Security Info Watch, Axis Communications is expanding their Q60 line of cameras. Nine new cameras will display Axis’ ability to make security cameras more user friendly. These new cameras come equipped with improved image quality, high speed pan/tilt/zoom and intelligent video capabilities.

SketchUp 3D CAD Software

This new software is perfect for designing complex video surveillance systems. Newswire Today reported that this extension allows users to more effectively plan where their security cameras can be installed. Users will be able to view the areas that each of their cameras will cover, while also allowing them to avoid blind spots, walls and columns that may have been overlooked in their initial plans.

The M1025

As the new indoor camera from Axis Communications, the M1025 offers all the latest technology benefits. It offers full frame video with a two-megapixel resolution for a clearer indoor view. It also comes equipped with HDMI output, which could be useful for retail security.

For more information on Axis Communications’ security cameras, give Capture Technologies a call. We are dedicated to making your community a safer place.

The FCC and NG911

Fri, 02/21/2014 - 17:56

73 percent of 911 calls in California are made from cell phones. That’s why the FCC wants to be able to use Next Generation 911 (NG911) to be able to pinpoint a caller’s location. Cell phone use and smartphone use now has exploded, and is taking 911 to new heights. While in the past, 911 dispatchers could typically only respond to cell phone calls placed outdoors, now they may be able to respond from any location.

80 percent of all smartphone use occurs indoors, according to the FCC and PC Magazine. It’s because of that fact that the FCC is calling on wireless providers o meet location accuracy standards. With new standards, 911 operators will be able to find callers in their exact location. So whether you’re calling from your apartment, or from an elevator in a busy office building, help will be able to find you.

However, that type of location detection will require some advanced technology. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said that advanced indoor location technology must be deployed in order to deploy that type of communications infrastructure. Wireless providers and 911 centers both have to install new technologies in order to make it possible.

The FCC is taking the steps to ensure that PSAPs, or 911 call centers, make a full transition to NG911, to make sure that everyone stays safe, no matter the location. Has your 911 center taken the steps?

Call Capture Techologies to find out more about new public safety technology and NG911.



The Security Benefits of EMV Smartcards

Wed, 02/19/2014 - 17:07

For retailers and consumers alike, EMV smartcards hold a number of security benefits. Financial experts agree that concerns over credit and debit card security can be laid to rest with EMV smartcard implementation in the U.S. With security breaches on the rise, now is the time for banks to make the secure switch.

According to Computerworld, Visa’s chief risk officer Ellen Richey said that the risk for fraud can be significantly reduced by implementing the technology. The overall security concern lies within Chip-and-PIN systems. The majority of countries that are currently using EMV payment smartcards are using chip-and-PIN.

However, banks in the U.S. are doing something different, and they don’t think that security will be a problem. Visa and Mastercard have left it up to banks and retailers to decide if they really want to require a chip-and-PIN, or a chip-and-signature. Even Richey agreed that even without a PIN, cards are still secure, stating that chip technology on its own prevents fraud.

Even with the security of EMV smartcards, the ultimate solution to fraud is yet to be found. Richey admits that there are still looming threats for some transactions. While EMV smartcard technology definitely works for in store transactions, there are still fraud risks when cards are used online.

Regardless, EMV smartcards are a step in the right direction for the U.S. They will ultimately make payments more secure for the future. For more information on EMV smartcard implementation, call Capture Technologies. We are dedicated to making your community a safer place.


Verint Offers Solutions to Affordable Care Act Challenges

Tue, 02/11/2014 - 16:33

Without a doubt, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) presents new challenges for insurers. It presents a shift from an employer to a consumer focus for insurers. Now, insurers will focus mainly on the consumer, and those consumers are standing in line.

That’s where Verint steps in. As 50 million people are looking to sign up for new healthcare plans, Verint offers a quiet to the noise. The Voice of the Member and Workforce Optimization can both work for insurers to address many challenges. Not only does it help with member communications, it is specifically designed to listen to consumer needs.

Quality Monitoring is yet another valuable feature for insurers. With this feature, insurers can evaluate effectiveness and better meet the needs of their members. Impact 360 Quality Monitoring is ideal for the healthcare environment, as it can support multiple sites.

Impact 360 Quality Monitoring also offers data storage, presentation options and scorecards for evaluations. Its interface is easy-to-use, easy to understand and easy to integrate into existing systems.

Overall, with Voice of the Member, Workforce Optimization and Quality Monitoring, Verint offers a unified solution that makes work easier for insurers. Call us to find out just how easy it can be. Capture Technologies is dedicated to offering you the solutions you need to save time and money.

Go Green with AltiGen

Fri, 02/07/2014 - 16:42

AltiGen is going green with their Go Green Hardware Trade-In program. For integration and migration, this program is for companies who are looking for a change. Existing customers may now migrate to MaxCS Private Cloud and recycle their old MaxCS IP-PBX hardware for new cloud services.

Companies are migrating to the cloud, and AltiGen recognizes that. PCI cards and Mx1000/2000 DSP boards are now eligible for trade-in. Current customers, like RE/MAX Central Properties of Ohio are taking full advantage of the trade-in opportunities.

Tim Hall, owner of RE/MAX Central Properties of Ohio said that it was a perfect opportunity to move towards an updated infrastructure. Since they have been using the traditional PBX since 2008, it was a big transition for them.

However, now, they don’t have to worry about hardware. They can simply switch to AltiGen’s cloud services without having to worry about the impact that it has on the environment. Not only that, but now they can take full advantage of the $500 credit that is afforded to them.

AltiGen now plans to double that number by offering $1000 for the Go Green trade-in credit. It marks a fantastic opportunity for companies to make the switch, while also being able to embark on cost savings.

For more information on green technology and AltiGen communications, call Capture Technologies! We are proud to be the experts in communications, security, identification and much more.



Making Access Control Easier for Government Agencies

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 11:51

HID Global is making some changes. The leader in access control just announced yesterday that they are making access easier for government agencies. With unconnected access control solutions, HID expands their pivClass MultiPACS software.

MultiPACS was specifically designed for government agencies. Now, it better addresses the market’s needs. What makes MultiPACS unique is the way that it operates over many different geographic locations. In the past, in order for a government agency employee to gain access to a building, they would have to visit their specific site.

Now, HID has simplified that process. Each employee can gain access from a single location. They can be authorized for all sites. For government agencies, it simplifies the process in an entirely new way, allowing enterprise employees to work freely, without having to visit and register credentials at each site.

MultiPACS and pivCLASS work together to make sure that access is either granted or denied. pivCLASS Registration Engine software and pivCLASS Certificate Manager recognizes credentials after registration, while MultiPACS either accepts or suspends the information.

For more information on access control for government agencies, call Capture Technologies. We are proud to be a carrier of HID Global products.

Understanding UC for 2014

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 06:06

Experts are talking about the future of Unified Communications (UC) and how the market is changing in 2014. From VoIP to cloud communications, these technologies are evolving. However, both SMBs and enterprise businesses can benefit from the new conveniences that these technologies provide.

According to Jon Arnold, an independent analyst, 2014 may mark a divergence point between VoIP and UC. However, he still believes there are advantages for all different types of companies. For example, for companies who are still using Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), VoIP can be a viable option and a subset of UC.

Some companies will want to look beyond the scope of tradition telephony and VoIP. Companies can advance their communications with UC not only to set themselves apart from their competition, but also to help their employees to thrive. Employers recognize the overall value of full UC solutions because of their usability and ability to cut costs.

UC conversations are changing overall. While sales representatives used to focus primarily on IP PBXs, the conversation is moving from phones to computer screens. Video is playing a larger role. Cloud solutions are growing in popularity, and companies are taking advantage of all the benefits that UC has to offer.

To find out more about Unified Communications, give Capture Technologies a call! We are dedicated to finding the right solution for your business.

L.A. County Votes to Put ID Cards in the Hands of Ex-Offenders

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 16:03

Everyone needs identification. For gaining employment or enrolling in school it’s an absolute must. That’s what Los Angeles County was considering today when they entered into and agreement with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Today, county supervisors voted to explore the possibility of having DMV workers stationed at jails and probation facilities to help ex-offenders gain the ID cards that they need for every day life.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the county already has a program that helps juvenile offenders to obtain birth certificates. However, the program does not include ID cards. Organizers and supporters of the new program claim that in the long run, ID cards could help to prevent future crimes. They also stated that without proper identification, resources are harder to obtain for ex-offenders.

Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas said that the Probation and Sheriff’s departments should come back in a month to make sure that the program will work. Supervisors agreed that this ID program could help both public safety and ex-offenders by reducing crime overall.

If you’re starting a new ID program, give Capture Technologies a call. We are your trusted source for all of your identification needs. Ask us about our ID printers and supplies! We are dedicated to making your community a safer place.

BadgePass and aptiQmobile Make Doors Open Easier with NFC

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 18:37

Colleges, universities, corporations and government agencies need new solutions in access control. With the growing popularity of smartphones, NFC technology is that solution. However, finding the right solution and the right support is often the issue when it comes to integration.

Luckily, BadgePass has just announced their integration with aptiQmobile. With this new solution, customers can request that credentials are sent to smartphones as soon as an ID card is issued. The solution creates simplicity with just one easy step.

aptiQmobile makes campus and work life easier. It also saves money by cutting down on ID card printing costs. It creates a win-win solution for customers as they can save money with an environmentally friendly product.

The solution is also more secure than a typical ID card. Anyone can pick up an ID card and claim it as their own. With aptiQmobile, users must enter a password to verify their identity on their smartphones. It also has a screen lock feature that keeps identities secure in case a smartphone is lost or stolen.

Check out how it works, and give Capture Technologies a call to find out more information!

Veteran ID Cards Could Be at Risk

Mon, 01/13/2014 - 18:01

Veteran ID cards are not very secure right now. As reported by ABC Action News and The Salisbury Post, The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has issued a warning about veteran ID cards that have been issued since 2004. Apparently, anyone with a smartphone can easily retrieve a veteran’s social security number within a matter of seconds.

The VA published security warnings on their website in 2011. However, reports have not come out until recently. Veterans have been speaking out about the security problems, and claimed that they were never informed by the VA. The VA has not commented on the issue.

Anyone with a smartphone or a barcode scanner can easily scan the back of the card to retrieve a veteran’s social security number. However, the VA is now working on a new solution to better protect those who have served. In the meantime, The Salisbury Post encourages veterans to leave their cards at home. Otherwise, veterans may find themselves to be victims of identity theft. Veterans are also encouraged to share the news with others as ID card changes are being made.

Ask Capture Technologies about our new ID card printers, supplies and technologies. We are dedicated to keeping your information safe.

Sochi Deploys NICE Systems Solutions for Winter Olympic Security

Wed, 01/08/2014 - 18:19

In Russia, the city of Sochi is looking for new solutions to make the Winter Olympics more secure. Not only that, but as their population continues to grow, the city hopes to use their new solution to more easily manage every day operations. That’s why they’re enhancing public safety with NICE’s Safe City Solutions.

Sochi officials chose NiceVision IP Video, NICE Inform Incident Debriefing and Investigation, NICE Situator, NICE Video Analytics Suite and NICE’s Audio Recording. Each of these solutions helps to improve the city’s security, while also providing highly integrative technology.

NiceVision will help the city of Sochi to fully utilize their video security system. With 1400 video channels, officials can easily monitor security risks and threats. It’s versatile, making it ideal for any type of environment. It also makes jobs easier and less complex for IT departments.

NICE Inform provides a multimedia solution. While Sochi plans to use this technology for analyzing events and debriefing and investigations, it has many other uses and abilities. NICE Inform is for the next generation, as it allows public safety organizations to manage and receive text messages, photos and video clips.

NICE Situator provides the complete solution. It serves as a full command center for public safety officials. The city of Sochi will now be able to combine their efforts with other agencies at one centralized location. In total, it will include 40 workstations.

For more information about NICE’s Safe City Solutions, and other security products, give Capture Technologies a call! We are dedicated to making your community a safer place.

Fargo Releases New Line of ID Card Printers

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 15:39

Fargo and HID Global have just released new, simple and reliable ID solutions through their new line of ID card printers. The Fargo C50e, DTC1250e, DTC4250e and DTC4500e all provide ideal solutions for all types of organizations. Each solution provides the versatility and features that organizations need to provide quality card imaging.


The Fargo C50 is ideal for smaller organizations that are looking for simple solutions. Print membership cards, loyalty cards, or ID badges for your school or casino at a cost you can afford. Print low volume, single-sided cards with this durable printer.


The DTC1250e is ideal for low volume printing as well. It fits perfectly into a variety of environments, including schools, government and small businesses. Quickly customize ID badges on the spot and create color-rich identification solutions with this printer.


The DTC4250e is the ultimate printer for large and photo ID projects. This printer is highly durable, proficient and fast. It is also highly adaptable, so if the size of your organization changes, your printing solutions can change with it.



The DTC4500e is a professional, full-color printer that was made specifically for medium to large businesses. If your organization grows, this solution can grow with it. Simple add on new features as you need them. Features include: data decryption, locking dual-card hoppers and optional holographic or fluorescent (UV) overlaminates that increase card durability.

For more information on these printers, give Capture Technologies a call! We are proud to provide you with the secure solutions that you need to create flawless credentials.

U.S. Government Plans for Olympic Security

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 12:58

After a pair of deadly attacks in Russia, the U.S. Government is cooperating with Russia to make the Winter Olympics more secure. The safety of the athletes, spectators and participants in now a top priority for both Russia and the U.S. Even though there has been tension between the two countries, they are both committed to combatting terrorism.

According to The Economist, Russians are feeling more vulnerable after two bombings in Volograd. The first bomb went off in a train station, while the second exploded in a trolleybus. 34 people died, while 50 others have been hospitalized. Since these bombings were only 400 miles away from the site of the Olympics, Russian leaders know that extra security precautions must be taken.

Especially since many Americans and athletes from around the world will be attending the Winter Olympics in Russia, it has been an important step for the U.S. to help Russia with their security plans. The State Department has asked that American attendees remain vigilant and alert while attending the event.

According to the Associated Press, American efforts will be headed by the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Diplomatic agents will be assisting Russian security and law enforcement officials.  While the U.S. and Russia have had political differences over the years, they remain foreign policy partners, and will work together to ensure the safety of all who attend the upcoming winter games.

Ask Capture Technologies for all the latest security news and products. We specialize in event security of all kinds. We are dedicated to making your community a safer place.

5 Security Technology Trends for 2014

Tue, 12/31/2013 - 10:08

Each year brings a new beginning for security technology. With new research from IHS, new video surveillance trends are fresh and exciting for the year 2014. From crowd sourcing video surveillance data to live video for public safety, security is definitely growing in entirely new ways for the new year.

Video Surveillance

According to CEPro, the video surveillance market will grow by over 12 percent in the new year. IHS has predicted that fixed dome and 180/360 degree network cameras will be the most popular. City, or government surveillance and energy sectors will be just a couple of the growing markets to keep a close eye on.

Crowd Sourcing

As social media and smartphones continue to grow in popularity, police will continue to request crowd sourced surveillance. Through the use of social media monitoring, public safety can respond to public needs more effectively. Crowd sourced surveillance also gives software vendors new opportunities to create new and innovative technologies for law enforcement.

Moving to the Cloud

Cloud-based technologies and surveillance are continuing to grow in popularity worldwide. Even Axis Communications has created their own cloud-based solution recently, which not only creates lower costs for the customer, but it also creates less work for IT departments. With its ease-of-use, cloud-based solutions are sure to keep growing in popularity within the next year.

Power over Ethernet

As more and more markets move to network video surveillance, supporting the general network infrastructure has become increasingly important. Power over Ethernet (PoE) has made network security far more manageable than ever before. IHS has predicted that security camera manufacturers of all kinds will be looking to conform to the PoE+ standard in the near future.

Live Video

School shootings have drawn attention to the importance of sharing live footage with law enforcement. While NG911 already exists, high-costs and implementation challenges have stood in its way in the past. However, costs are dropping, and physical security has remained a number one priority for law enforcement officials. With full implementation of NG911, 911 callers can instantly share videos with law enforcement through their smartphones.

Are you looking for new security solutions for the new year? Ask us how you can upgrade today! We are proud to be your local security solutions provider.


Axis Communications Moves to the Cloud

Mon, 12/23/2013 - 12:26

Axis Communications is moving to the cloud through their new partnership with I-View Now. With I-View Cloud service, Axis Communications will be able to offer a unique solution for network security cameras. Users will now be able to monitor their network over the Internet.

All it takes is a single installation. Users can take advantage of a variety of different product offerings through this partnership, including: Video Surveillance as a Serive (VSaaS), Guard Tours, Device Monitoring and Video Alarm Verification (VAV).

The new solution is ideal for a number of different business settings. Users can monitor multiple locations, or even in just one small business site. Retail stores and other businesses can easily view their sites without having to worry about a potential DVR failure.

According to Virtual-Strategy Magazine, this new partnership has been a long time in the making. Scott Dunn, director of business development for Axis Communications said that they have been working with I-View Now in order to come up with new, smart and innovative solutions for the future. I-View Now provides video verification service and integration of video and central station software.

Both I-View Now and Axis Communications are excited about this new opportunity. As these technologies have matured over time, now is the perfect time to combine Axis video security and cloud-based services. I-View Now can even supervise the camera status and store the recorded data through their cloud-based services.

Cloud-based services are growing in popularity. Not only do they create an ease-of-use for the customer, they also cut down on business costs. Ask Capture Technologies how you can move your business’ security to the cloud today!

Managing the Electronic Identity with Datacard

Fri, 12/20/2013 - 11:04

Datacard, the leading provider of identification products, has just bought Entrust, a maker of identification software. With this new purchase, Datacard will be able to manage billions of electronic identities, including credit and debit cards. As U.S. e-commerce spending has expanded over the years, these cards need extra protection. That’s why Entrust and Datacard are working together to make sure that online identities are protected.

Entrust’s software and technologies work to help secure online identities and purchases. According to Ottawa Citizen, their software recognizes and authorizes digital keys, codes and credentials. Their main focus is to address main identity theft risks, which adds a tremendous feature to Datacard’s identification platform.

Datacard has always played a key role in future innovations for identification. They helped to build the future of the plastic card replacement of cash in the past. Now, they’re moving forward into the electronic future. As mobile phones and online spending grow more and more popular, they understand that changes need to be made to protect sensitive information.

Especially when data breaches continue to affect millions of accounts and identities, these technological advances will need to be perfected. As USA Today has recently reported on Target’s data breach on over 40 million accounts, it’s apparent that new solutions need to be in place to make sure that every shopper’s identity is protected.

Ask us about our Datacard solutions. We are proud to carry a wide variety of solutions in identification and security.

Impact 360 Goes Mobile

Wed, 12/11/2013 - 14:27

Verint has just announced that their popular Impact 360 solution has gone mobile. With its new mobile capabilities, workforce optimization can be even easier through the use of an existing mobile application. Now, organizations can take advantage of the Impact 360 features they love through their mobile phones.

The new mobile solution includes Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM), employee scheduling and performance scorecards. Not only do these capabilities help organizations to gain feedback from their customers at any location, they also help organizations to manage their employees. Employees can also take advantage, with instant scheduling options.

Impact 360 Mobile allows users to be more productive. For both supervisors and employees, it provides instant feedback. Supervisors can now give their employees responses in a more timely manner, while employees can view their performance and scorecards from any location.

As more and more people are preferring mobile communications in both the workplace and at home, this solution helps to propel Verint’s Impact 360 into the future. This new advancement follows Verint’s recent mobile enhancement to EFM. Prior to this announcement, the company created mobile offline surveys that help to capture customer feedback. In combination, these new mobile features help organizations to truly hear the voice of the customer in an entirely new way.

For more information on Impact 360 and Verint’s product line, call Capture Technologies! We are proud to provide new mobile products for our customers.

Considering the Benefits and Risks of Mobile Access Control

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 12:12

We are living in a new era for access control. Mobile phones and smartphones are all around us, making solutions easier and more accessible. Now, we are doing more with our phones than making calls. We are opening doors and gaining access to computer networks. With these changes, having business access to cloud-based services is becoming a requirement, and the experts at HID Global are speaking out about it.

According to Source Security and Alan Davies, Vice President of Sales for HID Global, access control no longer has to be connected with a card. As long as users have a NFC-enabled smartphone, access control cards can become a thing of the past. In the mobile future for access control, smartphones can become our digital keys.

However, with the many benefits of mobile-based access control, including lowered costs and greater security control, there are also risk factors to consider. Before companies invest in the cloud and mobile-based solutions, they need to look at where sensitive data is stored first. Most enterprise companies tend to focus on securing their network perimeters. They also focus on static passwords and ways to authenticate users internally. Yet every organization is unique. Every organization needs to assess modern security threats in different ways.

Ultimately, each organization needs to find ways to merge logical and physical security solutions. As cloud-based access control solutions are growing in popularity, making a new physical security investment has become a very important decision.

Companies need to look at three major factors before making this decision. First, they need to ask what information would be most useful for their competitors? Second, what company information would be the most embarrassing if it were to become public? Third, if asked about how the company’s information is kept secure, company personnel and executives must make sure that they can give a firm and confident response.

If your company is thinking about making new access control changes, ask us about our solutions. We understand the new needs and challenges of enterprise businesses. Capture Technologies is dedicated to keeping your sensitive information safe and secure.

Inovonics Releases Best Strategies for Mobile Duress

Wed, 12/04/2013 - 17:07

Inovonics, the provider of mobile duress solutions for healthcare and beyond, have created a set of best practices for industries to follow. They provide solutions for industries that are at high risk for criminal incidents. As violent incidents can be unpredictable in the workplace, Inovonics and their mobile duress systems help to create solutions to the situations that industries face.

According to Security Info Watch, healthcare workers are much more likely to become victims in the workplace. Eric Banghart, senior business development manager for healthcare at Inovonics, said that healthcare workers have to be especially careful in certain departments. Incidents in the ER, behavioral health and mental health departments are much more likely to take place than in other healthcare environments.

Crimes that occur within healthcare facilities have increased by 37 percent within just two years. Crimes have increased in many different forms, including: larceny, theft, assault, vandalism and sexual assault. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that has to be faced.

To help healthcare workers, and others who work in campus-style environments, Inovonics offers Radius Enterprise Mobile Duress (EMD). When a worker feels threatened in their environment, they simply press a button on a wearable pendant. This action alerts security or public safety so that they may pinpoint the incident location and respond.

Inovonics’ best strategies for mobile duress have been a result of the company’s research. However, much of their research came from the feedback of their customers. These are all practices that organizations can use to come to terms with their safety concerns in the workplace.

1)   Acceptance. It’s important that offices and campuses of all kinds realize the importance of security. Security needs should be addressed on a number of different environments, including: healthcare, schools, offices, retirement communities, factories, hospitality and more.

2)   Extend Beyond Physical Asset Protection. Effective security programs include a unique blend of security solutions. This may include: access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection. Inovonics’ EMD adds an additional layer of security that focuses on individual security.

3)   Include Security in All Areas. It’s important to extend coverage to entire facilities, and not just one specific area. EMD systems are most effective when they are all inclusive.

4)   Prepare for Enterprise-Grade Duress Systems. It’s important to plan for the future. Make sure that your solution can meet the needs of your growing organization. Not only that, but it’s important to make sure that your security solutions are monitored and backed-up as necessary.

5)   Develop Policies and Procedures. Educate your staff on the importance of their security. Make sure that their ongoing education remains a priority within the organization.

6)   Think Individual Risk Reduction. Make sure the person who is most at risk is a part of the process. Talk to them. Listen to their concerns. By knowing the problems that they face, implementation can be a success.

7)   Make Integrated Security a Top Priority. EMD should integrate seamlessly into the environment. It should provide the best solution to survey and analyze events. Overall, it should work to meet personal safety and security goals of the organization. However, it does require commitment to not only company security, but individual security for each staff member.

Call Capture Technologies to find out more about Inovonics’ mobile duress solutions. We are dedicated to making your business a safer place.

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